About Us

Company Overview

Lotus Geo entered the GIS market in the year 1999 providing photogrammetric compilation services using two AMH Analytical plotters and worked our way up to supporting all activities under photogrammetry today. Our approach to this business is evolved over a period of time taking into account the complexities of this mapping business and in keeping with the customer interests all the time.

As a result, we have established our own
  • Systems and Processes and a complete review system.
  • Production Structure that defines skill levels, work groups and accountability to address different deliverables.
  • Customized Production Floor supporting seamlessly integrated Production Flow.

       which form an integral part of our production system that assures consistent quality and
on-time delivery to our customers. We work to "Deliver Customer Ready Data every time".

We recognize delivering the project in time is the key to success. Hence we focus on all essential factors like understanding specification, terrain information, job time estimate, production planning, production methodology, and data acceptance criteria etc. that directly impact the project time and work through our established systems and processes.

We work to prevent re-work thus, making our operation most cost effective. Our pricing to our customers reflects this.

Production Process

Our production process is the result of our effort to "Deliver Customer Ready Data Every time". Our process emphasizes that clear communication with the customer and with the production team about the exact requirement is the only way to successful project execution. We analyze the project inputs to bring maximum clarity to the actual project requirement. Based on this understanding, we draw up the Instructions and Checklists for the production team .We also communicate and clarify to the production team before starting the production.

We have the concept called "Line Support", a replacement for a Line Supervisor but with a slightly different role to play. Line Support will do an Hourly check of the data compiled in the beginning of any project and ensure that the understanding of the project requirement is uniform across the compilation, edit and QC team. Hence we assure consistency in the quality of data delivered. A rigid review system that reviews the project progress at various stages of production, identify issues early and address them in time, ensures smooth flow of production.

Our processes are well documented and all activities of project execution are fully traceable. We have Job cards and checklists for all activities beginning Compilation / Hourly data check / QC / Data edit / map finishing and QA acceptance. Our MIS data is updated with the job card information on a daily basis.

Cumulative Project Performance Report is generated and reviewed everyday. The review proceedings are documented for continuous improvement. All these documents are shared with our customers on a need-to-know basis.

Production Structure

In order that the production operation is made efficient, we have ensured
  • Skill levels are recognized and deployed suitably for maximum productivity
  • Transparent accountability without any overlap of responsibility
  • Customer contact remains unaltered right through the project execution.
Our project delivery is managed by two teams.

1. Project Management Group
  • Responsible for Pre-preparation / Production Planning & Control / Customer QA / Delivery / Technical Support and Training
  • Project Management group is a single point contact for the customer that
    • Communicates / clarifies with the customer and updates the project execution group continuously.
    • Monitors the project progress and updates the customer continuously.
    • Accepts data from the production on behalf of the customer, checks and delivers to the customer. An act we call as "Customer QA"
    • Acts on all issues and feedbacks from customers on priority all the time.
2. Project Execution Group
  • Responsible for core production activities addressing
    • Batch Processing Aerial Triangulation, Automatic Terrain Extraction,LiDAR Data Processing,Ortho Rectification & Image Processing
    • Repetitive Production Compilation,DEM collection/Editing, Image enhancement etc.
  • We have dedicated teams addressing these grouped production activities. We have created flexibility in the system to deploy skill levels suitably to maximize productivity.
  • Project Execution Group focuses only on production to ensure Quality and Quantity.

Customer QA, a key highlight of our delivery model , which in effect represents the customer on our production floor and accepts the data on their behalf. This is another reassurance from Lotus Geo for delivering "customer ready data". So the customers can do away with the need for QC at their end.

Production Floor Supporting Seamlessly Integrated Production Flow

  • We define the activity flow first to ensure all activities pertaining to photogrammetric mapping are covered appropriately. Based on the activity flow, we set up the production flow line with complementing H/W and S/W infrastructure. Our production floor truly represents this integrated concept. Our production flow line includes provision for Line Quality Check, Edit, QC and QA.
  • This structure also enables processing of multi projects in the same production line without any issues of mix up, saves on project time and ultimately the cost.
  • Our Production Floor enhances visibility to all production activities. As a result, any bottleneck in the production flow gets highlighted and addressed immediately on the floor itself thus helping smooth flow.

However, continuous improvement is our watchword. We keep reviewing the effectiveness of all our activities on a regular basis in the light of ever changing customer requirements and keep updating with the necessary changes.

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