Work Environment

  • We provide an employee-friendly work environment that encourages our people to give their best.
  • Equal opportunity employment that strictly avoids any bias.
  • The open work environment without hierarchical structures ensures freedom to excel and promote accountability.
  • We are fully guided by the Labour laws of India and do not employ minors at work in any form.

Staff & Motivation

  • The basic academic qualification for entry-level position is Diploma in any Engineering discipline /Degree in Geography/Geology/Geo-Informatics as recognized by the Board of Technical Education in India.
  • We recruit academically qualified candidates based on their knowledge of engineering drawing and spatial visualization skills.
  • Highly focused on the job training program prepares the operators to execute the job efficiently.
  • Individual performance made transparent and the only criteria for reward.
  • Cross-functional move practiced for faster growth.

Job Opportunities

  • As a growing company, we are on the look out for more photogrammetric operators and middle level supervisory staff to manage production through the shifts. Interested candidates can send their resumes to us.

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