Having been in this business of mapping for more than 10 years, we are comfortably tuned into adapting to changing technologies and customer needs as demanded by the ever-increasing customized applications. We keep updating our skills with newer S/W and production methodologies thus constantly improving upon our delivery efficiencies.

We have built and assigned a dedicated team for every one of the deliverables under Photogrammetry. We are a team of 55 strong professionals who are executing your projects. We have been able to develop unique methodologies for each of the mapping domains to improve production efficiencies and getting the best results.

  • Aerial Triangulation: Our dedicated team is capable of working on analog and digital inputs and delivering the final adjustments to the required accuracies irrespective of terrain or scale of images, in minimal time. We provide the outputs in various formats / platforms as required.
  • Planimetric data collection: Proficient in compiling features of all geographies to high positional accuracies and conforming to various mapping standards. We produce GIS ready data.
  • Cartographic editing and Map finishing: We have the expertise in
    • Professional Cartographic editing of data for map sheets incorporating the field verification information.
    • Derived map preparation from larger to smaller scales based on feature hierarchy and carto requirements.
  • Automatic Terrain Extraction: We use our unique methodology for terrain extraction to reduce the DTM editing time substantially.
  • Ortho photo production: DEM’s are compiled and/or generated and edited for distortion less ortho rectification. We adopt an Unique method in radiometrix adjustment for correcting seasonal variation and tonal difference. We define seam lines without affecting the positional accuracy. Enhancement is done for the natural looks of the ground.


Services Infrastructure
 1. Aerial Triangulation & Bundle Adjustment
  • Inpho Match-AT full suite – 2 nos.
 2. Photogrammetric Mapping
  • Softcopy Systems – APS / DVP – 9 nos
  • SSK Imagestation – 2 nos.
  • Analytical plotters – AMH -2 nos., P33-2nos. (Used for in-house Training)
 3. Automatic Terrain Extraction
  • Inpho Match-T – 2 nos.
 4. DTM edit & LiDAR Data Processing
  • Inpho DT-Master Stereo – 2 nos.
  • Inpho LiDAR Box
 5. Contour Generation
  • Inpho Scop++
  • Eagle Point
  • KDMS Terramodel
 6. Orthophoto Generation
  • Image processing &Tiling – Orthovista - 2nos.
  • Enhancement – Photoshop – 4nos.
 7. GIS/CAD packages
  • Microstation, ArcInfo, ArcView and Automap.
 8. Others
  • Round the clock power back-up
  • Dedicated ftp server
  • High speed internet connections for data transfer

Production Capacity

1. Basis
  • 7 days A week operation.
  • Minimum 2 shifts of working in a day.
  • Extendable to 3 shifts.
2. Weekly Capacities
  • Aerial Triangulation – 200 Hrs./week
  • Planimetry – 1100 Hrs./week
  • DTM (automatic Terrain Extraction & Editing) - 300 Hrs./week
  • LiDAR Data Processing – 300 Hrs./week
  • Ortho Production – 600 Hrs./week
We have the flexibility to combine capacities and deliver larger volumes if the project demands.

On-Site support

  • We have our in-house training facility to scale up capacities at short notice.
  • We provide skilled manpower for a fixed period.
  • We undertake project execution at customer site.
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